There's nothing quite like a trip to the cinema to bring the whole family together, and at ODEON we've got you covered

Value for the whole family

ODEON Family Ticket - 

Feel like a child again, adults pay child prices with our family of 4 ticket.  Whether 2 Adults 2 Children, or 1 Adult 3 Children, ODEON have you covered.

Child and Teen Tickets -

ODEON have a special price child ticket for children under 12. That way, they can even use their pocket money to come to the cinema. Or if you have teens, be sure to take advantage of our special price teen ticket, available at most ODEON cinemas, for teens aged between 13 and 17.

Please check your local cinema for more details, availability and prices.

Now for some tasty treats

Kids Mix -

Enjoy great value and keep the littles ones happy!

Get a kids popcorn + kids drink + treat for just €4.49 with our special Kids Mix.

Want even more value? Buy one and get the second for just €3.49!

So treat the kids and your wallet and pick up your Kids Mix in the cinema today.

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Family Mix -

Keep the whole family happy with our great value Family Feast.

Get 1 x regular popcorn + 2 x regular drinks + 2 x Kids Mix for just €11.99!

Kids Mix includes: kids popcorn + kids drink + treat.

Pick up the Family Mix in your cinema today to enjoy the full film experience!


Top Picks This Half Term

Whether you're on an ass-kicking block-busting superhero adventure with The LEGO Batman Movie, a lung busting feel good family fun fest with Sing, or joinging a thrill ride mellennia in the making with the new heart pulsing breathtaking epic action adventure The Great Wall, there is something to keep all ages entertained.

The LEGO Batman Movie

It’s time to experience Batman’s awesome world in ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’. He has millions of dollars, all the gadgets money can buy, and a sweet (very dark) costume. 

Better yet, he gets to spend every night punching evil in the face on the streets of Gotham. But now, to his horror, he has a responsibility – to look after the orphan boy he accidentally adopted. And how better to do that than by taking him on as a sidekick?

You and your family could win a trip to LEGOLAND where the kids can soar through the skies, take to the road or sail the seas with interactive rides, live shows and attractions. Then relax with a night in the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel.

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‘Sing’ is the story of Buster Moon, a dapper, down-on-his-luck koala whose theatre has fallen on hard times. In a last-ditch attempt to save it, he organises a singing competition. 

It’s open to everyone, and everyone turns up: Rosita, a pig who used to sing but gave it up to have a family; Ash, a punk rock porcupine; and Johnny, a gorilla torn between his family’s criminal gang and his showbiz dreams.

The Great Wall


‘The Great Wall’ of China took 1700 years to build and is 5500 miles long. But what exactly were the builders trying to keep out? 

An unstoppable horde of monsters approaches the wall, and they want only one thing – to feed on its defenders, and on everyone beyond it. The wall is humanity’s last line of defence, and an elite group of warriors will give everything in the war for it. 

Join the battle to protect ‘The Great Wall’, from the director of ‘Hero’ and ‘House Of Flying Daggers’, and starring Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe.


Imaginations run wild. At family-friendly prices.

Big adventures. Far-far-away lands. Unforgettable characters. The enchantment of cinema starts from your very first visit.

Share this experience with the whole family at our ODEON Kids screenings. Magical worlds come to life before your eyes every Saturday, every Sunday and every day when school’s out for summer.

From fairytale fantasies to animated favourites, there’s no end to the worlds you and your family can escape to.

Look Ahead - Beauty and the Beast

In Cinemas - 17th March - Book now.

Retelling the timeless tale for a new generation.

‘Beauty And The Beast’ is the story of Belle, a spirited, intelligent and beautiful woman who is taken prisoner by a beast. 

Trapped and alone, she gradually begins to befriend the castle’s enchanted staff – Cogsworth the clock, Lumiere the candlestick and Mrs. Potts the teapot. And over time, she learns to look past her captor’s monstrous appearance, beginning to fall for the kind-hearted prince he once was. 

Be our guest for ‘Beauty And The Beast’, as an all-star cast brings the tale as old as time to life in this live-action remake of the animated classic. 

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