Restricted Mobility

We offer restricted-mobility access and wheelchair-friendly screenings at most of our cinemas. When searching online for films and showtimes at your local ODEON, simply select the ‘Wheelchair friendly’ filter. This will show you which films have wheelchair spaces.

To reserve your space, choose the number and type of tickets you want and then click on the wheelchair spaces in the seating plan. If you need help with your booking, please contact our Disability and Accessibility Helpline. Find out more.


Audio for guests with sight loss

To help our blind and partially-sighted guests enjoy their visit to ODEON, we offer Audio Description for some of our films. If we've been given this extra narration, you can use our set of lightweight headphones to hear the narrator describe the action, scene changes and actors' body language, along with the dialogue.

You can get a set of headphones at the cinema. Please speak to a member of our team.

If a film is showing in 3D, we'll do our best to make sure that a 2D version of the film is available at some time during the day for those guests who can't enjoy the benefits of 3D films due to sight issues. Find out more.


Choose films with captions

We offer open captioning at most of our cinemas to help our hard-of-hearing or deaf audience enjoy the film. We also show a wide selection of captioned films to give you more choice.

To find these screenings on our website, select the ‘Open captions’ filter when viewing films and showtimes at your cinema.

You can also visit the Accessible Screenings website to find full listings of captioned performances at ODEON and other cinemas.

Many of our cinemas can also provide an audio induction loop (or T-coil) that connects to hearing aids. This helps our hard-of-hearing guests to receive the necessary audio description or soundtrack.


Specially-adapted screenings

The typical cinema environment can be stressful for guests with autism, sensory difficulties or learning impairments. We’re delighted to host special autism friendly screenings one Sunday morning each month at over 90 cinemas across the UK and ROI.

At our autism friendly screenings, we

  • Keep the house lights on throughout the film
  • Lower the audio volume
  • Remove the advertisements and trailers before the film
  • Open the cinema doors early so guests have time to get used to the surroundings

To find out about autism friendly screenings at your local cinema, simply select the 'Autism friendly' filter when looking for films and showtimes at your cinema. Find out more.


Free tickets for companions

ODEON is proud to be involved in the Cinema Exhibitors' Association (CEA) Card scheme. If you need extra assistance at the cinema, you can get a free ticket for your companion. Simply use your CEA Card when you book tickets online. Find out more.

General statement

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