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It’s your lucky day. You’ve got your hands on a voucher or passes for free entry. And the good news is that we’ll always have a selection of spellbinding films for you to see. However, you may find that your tickets aren’t valid for some of our latest titles. Why? This is known as the FPR period, which means free passes are invalid for this title for a short amount of time, these are also referred to as free list suspended on some of our guest passes/tickets.

Please check your voucher or pass’s terms and conditions before coming, so we can be sure to whisk you away on an enchanting cinema experience when you arrive.

See the latest FPR films

We try to accommodate babies as best we can, the majority of our cinemas will admit babies for GEN, PG, 12A or 15A films showing before 7pm. We ask that you consider others when bring your baby to the cinema, if he/she becomes distressed we request that you take them out of the auditorium. For babes in arms there is no charge, however if the child takes up a seat you will be asked to pay for a Child's ticket.

A 15A certificate means that the Irish Film Board have classified some parts of a film film unsuitable for under 15s. However, we'll still welcome younger guests if they come to a 15A film with a grown-up, and we'll give you all the details you need to decide if the film's appropriate. Want more information about film certificate? Select this link (Opens in new window).

At any time we have all kinds of vouchers available to make your cinema experience even better and each has its own terms and conditions. Please check yours to see what it says about booking.

Unfortunately, while we do all we can to make your experience as effortless as possible, we can’t accept online bookings using paper vouchers or guest passes 

But there’s good news too! You can book online using our ODEON Gift Cards.

Your cinema box office will be open and ready to welcome you at least 15 minutes before the day’s first screening.

You’ve booked your tickets, but now more friends want to join the fun? No problem! As long as the seats are available, just find your screening online and select the seats you want to add to your booking.

And if your original booking didn’t include a seat number? Even better! That mean’s it’s an unallocated screening. Simply make a second booking for your extra seats, and when you get to the screen, you’ll be able to sit where you like and float up, up and away together.

Just click the ‘Cinemas’ tab at the top of our homepage and select your nearest ODEON. Ticket prices. Film times. Special screenings. You’ll find everything you need to know about your cinema here – in one easy place.

As film lovers, we know just how exciting the run up to a big release can be and always put details of our films and screening times online as soon as we have them. This means you can usually book tickets for the following week from Tuesday evening or Wednesday afternoon.

On the other hand, if we expect a film to be a super smash-hit blockbuster, we may start selling tickets a few weeks before its release. Want to be first in line? Sign up to receive inspiring film updates from us by email.

There will be no online booking fees if you book your own ticket using your Limitless card. However if you book additional tickets for friends and family, each additional ticket will be charged an online booking fee of 75p per ticket. (Please note that a family ticket is a bundle of 3 or 4 tickets and the ticket price for a family ticket includes an online booking fee of 75p per person in the bundle).

No. There will be no online booking fees for for tickets purchased online using ODEON Première Club Points.

Yes. The online booking fee will be charged on any tickets bought online using a gift card. 

ODEON is committed to working transparently in order to offer guests the best possible cinema experience and a clear booking process. The Ticket Prices pages shows both online (via our website, mobile site or Apps) and in-cinema prices. The online price includes an ‘Online Booking Fee’ of 75p per ticket. A family ticket is a bundle of 3 or 4 tickets, and the ticket price for a family ticket includes an online booking fee of 75p per person in the bundle.

Anyone who does not want to pay the online booking fees can continue to buy their ticket at the cinema – either at the box office or the in-foyer ATM.

We charge you the online booking fee for booking your ticket online.

Sorry this performance is sold out, please check for other available performances
Sorry, this performance is not available.
Sorry, this performance is only available at the box office.

Booking is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Free passes restricted - Find out more
This is an Audio Described Performance: This performance is Audio Described for the visually impaired via headphones available from the Box Office.
This is a Limitless Screening Performance: This performance is exclusive to ODEON Limitless members. If you’re not a member yet, join now.
This is a Subtitled Performance: Displays subtitles on screen to benefit guests who may be hard of hearing.
Important - this performance is in the early hours of the date shown. E.g Tues 00:15 would be first showing, early hours of Tuesday morning/late night Monday. Find out more
Note - Please note this is an early morning AM performance for the date listed, not an afternoon/evening PM performance. Find out more