Spidey comes home

With the evocative title pointing out that one of the most beloved super heroes in history is finally taking his rightful place as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this latest outing of the Spider-Man story is finally the one we have been waiting for... 

We all know the lesson: with great power comes great responsibility.  And this time the responsibility is huge, because not only is Spider-Man once again in charge of saving New York, but at the same time he must prove his worth to the rest of the Marvel family! It seems coming home ain’t that easy, but there are so many powerful elements in play in Spider-Man: Homecoming we believe he’ll easily live up to the responsibility and smash the expectations of audiences around the globe at the same time. 

Spidey now has to play a different set of rules, and based on what has already been established, we can start to map out what to expect....


Fans around the world, your prayers have been heard. Spider-Man is finally coming home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In all seriousness, this is a massive deal.  In a few short years Marvel Pictures have redefined “Comic Book” films and after smash hit following smash hit, created such expectations in the audience regarding the quality of the films they produce.  This historic piece of cooperation between Marvel and Sony Pictures will not only revitalise the franchise but open up a boatload of potentially great stories for the future. 


From a creative standpoint, Spider-Man: Homecoming is most definitely a Marvel movie - not only because it firmly takes place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but because the comic book company has been involved in every stage of production. From casting, approving the script, the villain/narrative choices, as well as ensuring Spider-Man fits seamlessly into the larger universe we all love. 

So although the film is the third outing in a short period of time for Spidey, we can expect to see established Marvel plotlines and characters come through and provide us with a level of excitement that a standalone Spider-Man film could have never reached before!



Can you imagine an Avenger cooler than Iron Man? Since Captain America: Civil War, it was clear that there’s a connection between Tony Stark and Peter Parker, and we now know once again that in Homecoming Spider-Man will be teaming up with Iron Man. But while Peter looks to Iron-Man as example and his mentor, Stark wants to encourage him to take it slow before being part of the Avengers.

Of course having Tony Stark as a mentor has some other advantages, such as a suit that includes added features like a heater, lights, surveillance data, taser-webs and mutliweb shooters. Not too shabby for a 15 year old from Queens, right?



So we know that Spider-Man: Homecoming won’t see an actor in early 30s portray Peter in high-school just long enough to graduate by the second film.  This time age matters, and the young Tom Holland, winner of the 2017 BAFTA for rising star, proved to be the right choice at the right time for his incredibly well received appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

The film will be a coming of age story that focuses largely on a teenage Peter Parker where his high-school life will be as important as the villains he’s fighting. One of the most important themes of the movie is, what would a 15-year-old boy do with superpowers? Exactly the same philosophy of the comics. 


Frankly, we’ve got it.  Peter is a nerd. He got bitten by a spider. His uncle Ben dies. We don’t need half the movie wasted to tell us this, and that’s why this time we won’t see it. With all the extra screen time to play with, Homecoming has more time to spend on new stuff and build a feel fresh.

In Captain America: Civil War, we learned that Peter has had his Spidey powers for about six months, and that he has been using them to prevent crimes around his neighbourhood. As for his home life, Peter lives in an apartment in Queens, New York with his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei, bringing to an original and young spirit to the character rather than being the classic old lady). Naturally, the kid can’t see himself just as a neighbourhood-friendly-super hero, and that’s how the journey to be a real hero begins....



Even with Iron Man’s flying suit, and Spidey’s wisecracking, potentially topping the cool scale is having the original Batman as the main villain.  Michael Keaton returns to the comic book world, this time on the other side of the Marvel/DC divide, playing the Vulture, a classic villain from the rogue gallery of Spider-Man bad guys.

The film introduces Adrian Toomes (Keaton) as the owner of a salvage company that has found business cleaning up after large-scale superhero heroics. He winds up being hit hard in the pocket, however, when Tony Stark and the government team up to create a federal Department of Damage Control - and he makes plans to take his revenge using alien technology to build his very own flying suit...But his motivation is a little deeper than pure financial gain.

He feels somewhat of a victim, believing that the world made by the Avengers created an upper echelon of society and people who are getting away with a lot and have everything, and there are a lot of folks who work hard and don’t have much. Does that sound familiar given the political climate? 


Marvel Studios have surely wanted to bring Spider-Man into the fold for some years and years now, and now that he's back, we expect that we’ll be seeing quite a bit of him. Despite being introduced in a movie that already starred (count them) 11 other superheroes, Tom Holland's Peter Parker left a memorable impression in Captain America: Civil War and it’s confirmed he will be playing a role in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. With new superheroes coming into the universe such like Blank Panther and Doctor Strange plus more to come like Captain Marvel, it seems like Infinity War will also set up the world for next phase of Marvel releases.


Discover the film

Director Jon Watts interview with ODEON

We caught up with director Jon Watts to talk about the making of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' and how it was exciting  bringing back Spidey to the Marvel Universe and working with rising-star Tom Holland.

ODEON says...
Fresh from helping Tony Stark in the Avengers’ civil war, ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ sees Peter Parker go back to school. Only now, he needs to balance his studying with his super-heroics. 

He wants to be an official Avenger, but despite letting him keep the fancy new suit, Tony still treats him like a kid. So when a new villain emerges, a flying menace called the Vulture, he finally finds an opportunity to prove himself as a superhero worthy of standing alongside Iron Man. 

We’re going back to school for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, which sees the web-slinger take his place alongside the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

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