The Post

Brief strong language. War violence.

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The Post


Golden Globes: 6 Nominations - Best Film (Drama), Best Director, Best Actress (Drama), Best Actor (Drama). 
Oscars: 2 Nominations - Best Picture and Best Actress. 

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ODEON says...

‘The Post’ chronicles the efforts of the Washington Post’s publisher and editor to get the Pentagon Papers – classified documents about a US government cover-up of its actions in Vietnam – published. 

The cover-up had spanned the tenures of four Presidents, and it spurred Kay Graham, America’s first female newspaper publisher, and Ben Bradlee, the paper’s editor, to join an unprecedented battle between journalists and the government. 

Steven Spielberg marshals an all-star cast including Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep for ‘The Post’, an incredible true story about fighting for the truth at all costs.

  • Released on
  • Genre
  • Cast members
    Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Sarah Paulson
  • Running time
    116 minutes
  • Directed by
    Steven Spielberg
  • Language


Reviews & Ratings

Reviews in the press

5 Stars
“ Spielberg's thrilling Pentagon Papers drama gives Meryl Streep her richest role in years ”

4 Stars
“ The Post is an engaging and masterfully acted tale sure to be in the running come the Oscars ”

4 Stars
“ This story is more relevant than ever, and it is told with wit, precision and understated passion. ”

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(UK & Ireland)

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the post

Reviewer: moviemadDate: 2018-02-12

love tom hanks . love ms streep. wanted to love this movie but found it too frantic , too shouty. acting superb as you would expect. would not watch it again. sorry . ps I liked it the most in a company of 3.

Almost Brilliant

Reviewer: CiaraCDate: 2018-02-11

This film is full of great acting, great writing and great directing and should be brilliant. But it never quite reaches that mark. Spielberg has been open about this belief in the importance of a free press but it’s fair to say that a civics lesson never quite works as a film (e.g. Lions for Lambs, Amistad). The best way to present a point of view on film, or to portray the complexities of history has always been in the context of a good narrative and Spielberg would have done well to refer to Milk or his own Lincoln to avoid the dangers of over-simplifying and over pontificating. Spotlight and All the Presidents Men are the benchmarks for movies about journalism and they concentrate on the construction of story and less on the personal lives of the protagonists. It’s telling that in The Post the most vivid moments are those of the Ben (Bob Odenkirk) pursuing his source or those scenes that herald the coming of Watergate. The success of the latter would suggest that the Post is ultimately a prequel of a particularly high standard.

If you're a fan

Reviewer: MaryjanesmithDate: 2018-01-30

If you're a Meryl Streep fan you would love her in this, in my opinion its really her film and Mr Hanks plays a supporting role. I wish the movie was more fast pace with intense scenes. Alas no, go and see it if you've nothing else to do.


Reviewer: ROB1Date: 2018-01-28

Prediction - this movie tanks a the Box Office. Streep has no energy, nothing whatsoever here. Not sure why she even gets parts. Hanks talent is wasted. He adds nothing either. Actually a boring movie. Oh wow 40 years ago a paper helped expose Nixon....yeah we knew that. What about now? The Post, the NYT, nearly every big paper in the USA is ultra liberal and living in the past. Clueless and out of touch with America these papers are preaching to their choir of liberal urbanites. Lets see a film about that? About the implosion of liberal media. This whole movie is stale. Save your money

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