A Quiet Place 2 – release date, plot, cast and why you need to see it on the big screen

A Quiet Place 2 is the sequel all fans of event-cinema horror have been waiting (in life-preserving total silence) for.

Continuing the story of the Abbott family as they carefully navigate a terrifying, changed world where every sound they make could be their last, this promises to be every bit as much of a nerve-jangling, seat-gripping triumph of atmosphere and drama as the original.

Here’s everything you need to know to get you up to speed before A Quiet Place Part 2’s release on 3 June 2021, including why you owe it to yourself to experience the film’s uniquely immersive atmosphere in the cinema.

A Quiet Place Part 2 plot – what’s the story and how did we get here?

The story so far…

Around three months before the events of A Quiet Place (2018), meteorites carrying vicious and incredibly resilient alien creatures crashed in New Mexico. Jettisoned when their planet was destroyed, these creatures evolved in total darkness and have no eyes but incredibly acute hearing. With survival instincts honed over millennia, these monsters rapidly spread throughout the world, all but wiping out humanity. Those few people who survived did so by adapting to a new life of near-complete silence.

The Abbotts – pregnant mother, Evelyn, father, Lee, deaf 17-year-old daughter Regan, 12-year-old son Marcus and four-year-old boy Beau were one such family of survivors. A Quiet Place covered a tragic and triumphant period in their ongoing survival that saw the horrific loss of Beau, Lee’s self-sacrifice for his family, and the birth of baby Abbott even as the family farmstead in rural New York was attacked by the monsters. The film ended with a hopeful revelation – that the high-pitched frequency from Regan’s malfunctioning hearing aid disorientated the monsters, forcing them to reveal the vulnerable flesh behind their impervious armour…

And now…

With Lee and Beau gone, and the Abbott family home no longer safe, A Quiet Place 2 finds Evelyn, Regan, Marcus and baby Abbott venturing beyond the limits of the sound-absorbing sand path and into the wider world.

Here they discover that other survivors can be as big a threat to their survival as the monsters that ruthlessly hunt them all.


A Quiet Place Part 2 cast and characters – who’s in A Quiet Place 2?

Superstar marrieds John Krasinski (The Office, 13 Hours) and Emily Blunt (The Girl on the Train, Edge of Tomorrow) return as Lee and Emily Abbott, albeit with Lee (sniffle) only appearing in flashbacks that shed light on the first days of the monster invasion.

As with the original, Krasinski is also on writing and directing duties.

Back, too, are Millicent Simmonds (Wonderstruck) and Noah Jupe (Wonder) as Marcus and Regan Abbott. The Abbott kids had to do a lot of growing up during the events of the first film, and with the family venturing out into the unknown with a newborn in Part II, they’re going to have to step up to protect one another now more than ever.

Finally, we have A Quiet Place Part 2’s wildcards – Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Cillian Murphy (Inception, Peaky Blinders) as fellow survivors.

For now, we’ve seen more of Murphy’s bitter and cynical Emmett, a man who lost everything during the invasion and seemingly trusts the remnants of humanity as little as he does the prowling monsters.

A Quiet Place Part 2 trailers – watch the Quiet Place 2 trailers here

From the chaos-laden first trailer, to the glowing critical praise interspersed throughout the final trailer, and even the shock and awe of the Superbowl spot, each has shown a handful of unique glimpses of the Abbotts’ journey beyond the sand path along with flashbacks that show the terrifying invasion as it happened.

Why is Regan alone and hiding out from a monster on an abandoned and shattered train carriage?

What is Emmett running towards?

We need answers and we can’t wait to have them

Why A Quiet Place Part 2 is a must-see on the big screen

Few films have the power to conjure a gripping edge-of-the-seat atmosphere the way A Quiet Place did when it came to the big screen in 2018. Cinemas fell mesmerisingly silent as audiences around the world shared the tension, tragedies and triumphs of the Abbott family as they fought to survive in a world where every sound they made could be their last.

A Quiet Place Part II promises to bring that same uniquely memorable big-screen experience to film fans and, with the movie coming to ODEON IMAX screens as well, you can immerse yourself in the nail-biting action on a whole new scale.  

So, are you ready to brave the darkened cinema auditorium for the film experience of 2021? Just, y’know, try to enter quietly…



A Quiet Place Part II release date is 3 June 2021

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