Bad Boys Movies: The Story So Far

It’s been 25 years since 1995’s Bad Boys, and Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are now in their 50s.

But as the Bad Boys For Life trailer reveals, the pair’s bickering and habit of leaving a trail of destruction through Miami hasn’t aged a day.

Whatcha gonna do?

Well, book your tickets, obviously. But before that, let’s recap their story so far...

Bad Boys (1995)

When one hundred million dollars of Mafia heroin gets stolen from a supposedly secure police vault, Internal Affairs is all set to close the Miami narcotics division down.

Given five short days to recover the drugs, detectives and lifelong buddies Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey use their underworld contacts (and a liberal dose of jaw-dropping action set-pieces) to track down the criminal mastermind behind the theft...

Standout Scene:

Did we mention jaw-dropping action set-pieces?

The climactic chase and shootout at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport is an object lesson in rapid-cut tension, courtesy of then first-time director… Michael Bay.



BAD BOYS II (2003)

Burnett and Lowrey are up to their necks in shootouts again, tasked, this time, with investigating the flood of Ecstasy into Miami.

Things get all sorts of complicated, though, when Burnett’s sister (and – awks – Mike’s girlfriend), Syd gets kidnapped by their prime suspect, Cuban drug lord, Johnny Tapia.

Cue exploding mansions, Guantanamo minefield showdowns and an explosive freeway car chase that has to be seen to be believed.


Standout Scene:

Director, Michael Bay clearly LOVED having a bigger budget.

That attack on Tapia’s compound? Bay reduced millions of real mansion to rubble for that sequence... WOW.



25 years after they first unleashed mayhem on the streets of Miami, the Bad Boys cast is back, but Burnett and Lowrey’s partnership isn’t what it was.

With Burnett happily heading to retirement as a police inspector, and Mike assigned to lead an upstart group of millennial cops, it takes the arrival of a vengeful mob boss to bring the Bad Boys back together one last time.


Standout Scene:

Bad Boys For Life directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, have teased some breathtaking action in the trailers.

All we’ll say for now is that fans of helicopter stunts will not be disappointed.


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