The Bob’s Burgers Movie release date, cast, trailer and everything else you need to know

Scene from The Bob’s Burgers Movie

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The Bob’s Burgers Movie brings the hit adult animation to the big screen and will be putting buns on seats from May 27th.

If you don’t know about The Bob’s Burgers Movie, ketchup now with our guide.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie release date: May 27th

Bob’s Burgers Movie backstory – what’s the history of the Bob’s Burgers animation?

Cartoons used to be something you grew out of. Just an innocent childhood fling that ended the day you saw your first ‘15’-rated movie. But whether you credit The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy or Beavis And Butt-Head, somewhere in the gearshift between the ’80s and ’90s, cartoons got smart.

Sure, there were still bright colours, skateboards and talking animals. But suddenly, there was an undercurrent of satire, sarcasm and biting social commentary that made these TV shows – not to mention bar-raising big-screen animations like Toy Story – valid entertainment for fully grown adults, without getting funny looks.

Created by New York writer/animator Loren Bouchard – alongside the team who brought us King Of The Hill – Bob’s Burgers is one of the best of the new breed. Debuting in January 2011, the first episode was watched by 9.39 million viewers and set up twelve hilarious, multi Emmy Award-winning series.

Now, co-directed by Bouchard and Bernard Derriman, The Bob’s Burgers Movie is about to put buns on seats. “I really want people to laugh and maybe tear up a little bit,” co-producer and co-writer Nora Smith told Muse TV. “I just hope they love it as much as we loved making it.”


Bob’s Burgers Movie story – what happens in The Bob’s Burgers Movie?

The regular Bob’s Burgers setup centres on the Belcher clan, who run a chaotic family hamburger restaurant in a fictional American seaside town. There’s pessimistic patriarch Bob, his bubbly wife Linda, plus their three kids: awkward adolescent Tina, pesky middle child Gene and scheming miniature anti-hero Louise.

Scene from The Bob’s Burgers Movie

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On the TV show, the Belchers’ day-to-day troubles span from warring with neighbouring Italian restaurateur Jimmy Pesto to getting an incontinent cow off their carpet.

But for The Bob’s Burgers Movie, Bouchard and co wanted to think bigger. This full-length animation starts with a sinkhole appearing outside the Belchers’ restaurant and threatening their summer season. It falls to the kids to crack the mystery that could save the family business.



Bob’s Burgers Movie themes – how is this different to the Bob’s Burgers show?

The creators of The Bob’s Burgers Movie have talked about the “optimism, grit and hope” that drives this film, and it’s fair to say that we could do with all three right now. Meanwhile, we’ve been promised a bold leap forward for the characters we know and love.

“You want to give the fans the internal life of the character in a big story,”

Bouchard told LRM. “To arrive at a story that was about these characters, but was also big and had the highest stakes possible. In the end, some of it is still about marriage, some of it is still about a nine-year-old girl. It’s big and it’s small.”

Scene from The Bob’s Burgers Movie

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Bob’s Burgers Movie cast – who’s in the voice cast of The Bob’s Burgers Movie?

The chemistry of the voice cast is a big factor in the success of Bob’s Burgers, and it’s great to see all our favourites back for the big screen. As the king of the adult animation scene (he also works on Family Guy, Archer and Dr Katz: Professional Therapist), H. Jon Benjamin reprises his role as Bob.

To play the Belcher family matriarch Linda, comedian John Roberts has revealed that he simply mimics his own real-life mother. Stand-up comic and The Goldbergs star Dan Mintz nails the teenage cringes as Tina, while Delocated’s Eugene Mirman is note-perfect as music-obsessed Eugene.

Scene from The Bob’s Burgers Movie

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Kristen Schaal has one of the most famous voices in Hollywood – she’s loaned her larynx to roles including Toy Story’s Trixie and Shannon from Despicable Me 2. But playing pint-sized plotter Louise is her dream gig. As Schaal told The Daily Actor site: “The only reason I get out of bed in the morning is to play her.”

With all these characters to write for, the creators of The Bob’s Burgers Movie worked the screenplay until everyone had their moment to shine. “We really like that it’s an ensemble,” Bouchard told LRM. “It’s a story about a family. Yes, it’s called Bob’s Burgers, but each character has to have a full life. So we just worked on the script until it felt like it lived up to that.”



Bob’s Burgers Movie soundbites – what do the cast and crew say about The Bob’s Burgers movie?

Some TV spin-offs choke on the big screen. Not a problem for The Bob’s Burgers Movie. “The word that pops into my head is scale,” Bouchard told Muse TV. “We wanted to make it very much Bob’s Burgers, but very much a movie. We did not want to have anyone think that this was just a very special episode that we somehow got printed on a larger film stock and sent out to theatres as a stunt. It’s a movie. And we love movies.”

Scene from The Bob’s Burgers Movie

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Sure, it’ll help to have seen the TV show, Bouchard added. But the point of The Bob’s Burgers Movie is that you could buy a cinema ticket on impulse and still laugh yourself hoarse.

“We spent a lot of time thinking about what would make Bob’s movie stand on its own. And that includes for people who haven’t seen the show. We want you to come! No pressure, but it’s not just for people who watch the show.”



Bob’s Burgers Movie release date – when is The Bob’s Burgers Movie released and why should I see it at ODEON?

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is released May 27th, and we’re already watering at the mouth for one of the year’s funniest big-screen animations – not to mention the ODEON snacks that accompany it.

Official poster for The Bob’s Burgers Movie

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Above all, The Bob’s Burgers Movie is your chance to enjoy a supersized take on your favourite TV show, surrounded by fellow fans.

“With the TV show, it’s five or six people at most watching it at home,” says co-director Bernard Derriman on Muse TV. “So we’re really excited to see it in a movie theatre with hundreds of people. It’s going to be really good.”



Get your buns to ODEON from May 27 for The Bob's Burgers Movie

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