Captain Marvel: Who Is Captain Marvel and What Does She Mean For The MCU?

Sparrow. America. Underpants. Cinema history is full of legendary captains, from hook-handed swashbucklers to frozen-in-carbonite smugglers.

Now, on 8 March, prepare to salute the baddest lady ever to rise to the rank, as Captain Marvel bursts out of the comic books and into your local ODEON. Read on, as we introduce the MCU’s newest superhero...

She’s older than you think...

Don’t be fooled by 29-year-old Brie Larson’s wrinkle-free portrayal of Captain Marvel – this veteran superhero has been around the block.

Dreamt up by Marvel writer Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan, the Captain’s alter-ego Carol Danvers first appeared in a Marvel Super-Heroes comic back in March 1968 as a sassy US Air Force officer.

The character was reimagined in 1977 as progressive heroine Ms. Marvel, then went under various aliases, including Binary and Warbird, until everyone got so confused in the post-millennium that they stuck on Captain Marvel. Remember the name...

She’s not exactly human…

In her early life, Carol Danvers was a nice, normal, girl-next-door fighter pilot, who laughed in the face of danger – until a nightmare crash-landing left her fighting for life.

Enter the Kree... If you’re a Marvel nut, you’ll know these humanoid aliens as a tech-hungry, military-fixated race from the planet Hala, and while they’re not exactly ‘the good guys’ – remember the dastardly Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy? – this new movie sees them resurrect Danvers as Captain Marvel, gifting her jaw-dropping powers that include outrageous strength and a seventh sense.

She’s played by cinema’s brightest star…

CGI alone cannot sustain a superhero movie. We have to feel  humanity beneath the skin-tight costume – and that’s where Brie Larson comes into her own.

You’ll remember her as the daring photo-journalist from Kong: Skull Island, Ma in the moving Room, and as the young supervisor of a refuge for troubled teenagers in acclaimed indie-flick, Short Term 12.

Now, she’s ready to head up Marvel’s first female-led movie. “I will say,” Larson told Collider, “that Captain Marvel is probably the most dynamic character that I’ve ever played.”

She’ll have her powers put to the test…

A superhero without an arch-enemy is a sorry sight. Luckily, Captain Marvel serves up some of the best villains ever to butt heads with the MCU crew.

Meet the Skrulls: a none-more-nasty reptilian space-race whose idea of a good time is shape-shift into human form, wreak havoc and seize control of Planet Earth.

Leading the invasion is Talos (Ben Mendelsohn): a nightmare mash-up of the orcs from Lord Of The Rings and Hellraiser’s Pinhead, who also happens to have infiltrated the S.H.I.E.L.D counter-terrorism agency.

She’ll leave her mark on the MCU…

To understand the roots of the MCU, you need to check out Captain Marvel: a movie that predates the arrival of more familiar heroes like Iron Man et al.

Take your seat, turn back the clock and let yourself be entertained by this zinger of an origin story, which sees Samuel L. Jackson’s hard-bitten Nick Fury digitally de-aged as a young paper-pusher, and Danvers teeing up the formation of the Avengers team.

Trust us, the ripples from this encounter are going to be felt in every Marvel movie to come – starting with Avengers: Endgame… 

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