Firestarter 2022 release date, trailer, cast – and everything you need to know about one of the hottest new horror movies of 2022

Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Charlie in Firestarter, directed by Keith Thomas.


Firestarter 2022 brings Stephen King’s tale of a young girl cursed with terrifying powers to the big screen.

Zip up your fire-retardant suit as we reveal the Firestarter release date, trailer, cast and all the other info on one of the best new horror movies for 2022.

Firestarter release date: May 13th

Firestarter 2022 – is this a remake of Firestarter?

Cast your minds back to the early 1980s. This was the golden age of the Stephen King novel adaptation, when the scaremonger supreme kept cinema audiences in a permanent state of dread. Between The Shining, Christine and Children Of The Corn, we basically never slept.

Starring nine-year-old Drew Barrymore as a young girl with the gift/curse of pyrokinesis – the ability to ignite infernos using only her mind – 1984’s original Firestarter should have joined those classics. But somewhere along the line, one of King’s best plots got fumbled and the film was mostly forgotten.

Now, thanks to director Keith Thomas and the creepy crew at Blumhouse Productions, Firestarter 2022 is the movie that should have set the world of cinema alight all those years ago. And if you saw Thomas’s clever and nasty 2019 debut, The Vigil, you’ll come to ODEON on May 13th expecting one of the year’s best upcoming horror movies.

“Firestarter is very much just as emotional, raw, visceral, and personal a story as The Vigil,” Thomas told Forbes. “And Stephen King loved the script.”

Firestarter 2022 story – what’s the plot of the new Firestarter film?

Imagine Elsa from Frozen. Now imagine that instead of snowdrifts and ice palaces, she’s conjuring up face-melting fireballs. As Firestarter begins, that’s the problem faced by young Charlie McGee (Ryan Kiera Armstrong).

Andy (Zac Efron) and Charlie (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) in Firestarter, directed by Keith Thomas.


Despite the coaching of her parents, Andy and Vicky (played by Zac Efron and Sydney Lemmon), Charlie is bullied, emotionally unbalanced and losing control of what she calls “the bad thing”. Alongside the daily battle not to blowtorch her cruel classmates, an even bigger problem is brewing, as a shadowy government agency known as The Shop makes plans to use the kid as a military weapon.

Charlie’s family would die to protect her. But at what cost? After all, the older the girl gets, the more dangerous she becomes. Add to that, as we learn in the new Firestarter trailer, Charlie’s moral compass has a tendency to spin. “I don’t want to hurt anyone,” she says. “But it feels kind of good…”


Firestarter 2022 cast – who’s in the new Firestarter movie?

Drew Barrymore is all grown up, so the Firestarter reboot rests on the shoulders of one of the best young actresses you’ll watch all year. Born in 2010, New Yorker Ryan Kiera Armstrong has so far taken a few small-fry roles in Black Widow, Anne With An E and American Horror Story.

But you’ll definitely notice Armstrong in Firestarter 2022, where she combines a button-nosed innocence with an aftertaste of evil. “The plot twists – you’ll see – it’s really great,” the actress told ET Canada. “And Zac Efron was just such a humble person to work with.”

Zac Efron as Andy in Firestarter, directed by Keith Thomas.


Back up there a second: did she just say Zac Efron? Yes, actually. It's been a long time since the former Disney star graduated from High School Musical, and Efron has proved himself not only a capable adult actor in hits like The Greatest Showman, but also seriously creepy as real-life serial killer Ted Bundy in 2019’s acclaimed Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

At first glance, Efron’s character Andy is a dutiful and protective father. But in the original Firestarter film, he’d also been the victim of some nightmarish scientific experiments, and it’ll be interesting to see how Efron portrays this damaged figure. “Zac is in his early thirties now,” says director Keith Thomas. “And I think this is the kind of role [where] he can really shift gears in terms of the way he's portraying himself and the way we're looking at him.”


Firestarter 2022 trailer – what are the best moments in the new Firestarter film?

Smell something burning? That’ll be the new Firestarter trailer, which gives us a terrifying glimpse of Charlie’s powers and their skin-bubbling fallout.

The shocking moment at 1:15 when the girl sets her own mother ablaze sets the tone, and we’re afraid this human flamethrower won’t stop until the world burns.

“She’s becoming a young woman,” warns former RoboCop villain Kurtwood Smith, who plays Doctor Joseph Wanless in Firestarter. “And someday soon, she may be capable of a nuclear explosion, simply with the force of her mind.”

Perhaps the most impressive thing is that in a world of stuntmen and GGI, the Firestarter cast got their hands dirty. “Most of the stunts are real,” Ryan Kiera Armstrong told CinemaBlend, “and it's so, so amazing how cool they are. You won't believe it, honestly, how they do these stunts.”

Firestarter 2022 quotes – what have the cast and crew said about the new Firestarter movie?

Director Keith Thomas told SYFY Wire that while countless movies and characters have borrowed from Firestarter – Hellboy’s Liz Sherman and Dark Phoenix’s Jean Grey spring instantly to mind – Stephen King’s original plot is still the most magnetic.

“How do you parent when you’ve got a little girl who can melt someone’s face off when she gets angry?” he wonders.

“How do you parent on the run, when there is a company called The Shop after you, that wants to vivisect you, experiment on you?

How do you explore all those angles more in-depth, while at the same time keeping it the same road trip movie of a father and daughter on the run?”


Firestarter 2022 release date – when does the Firestarter film come out and why should I see it at ODEON?

The new Firestarter movie is released May 13th by Universal Pictures. With Halloween Kills scriptwriter Scott Teems adapting Stephen King’s source material and the guiding hand of producer Jason Blum – founder of horror gurus Blumhouse Productions – it’s already tipped as one of the best new horror movies for 2022.

Firestarter 2022 artwork


And if we’ve learnt one thing from a lifetime of Stephen King adaptations, it’s that the horror novelist’s movies are always better on the big screen, with jump-out-of-your-skin surround sound. Firestarter might be the only movie of the year that simultaneously chills your blood, melts your face and fries your brain.

“You should come out of it emotional,” says Keith Thomas. “If we do it right, it's going to really hit that way."



Firestarter release date: May 13th

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