IT: You Will Float Too...

If you are not already one of the millions of people with a clown phobia, get ready to become one!

Damn clowns. Whether spraying you with water from a fake flower, hammering at kettle drums in a blood-soaked boiler suit, standing in a car park or smiling in famous fast food restaurants , there’s always something wrong about them...Considered one of the most anticipated horror films in history, 'IT' is back, and the story that inspired a generation of nightmares has already got several fans and critics shaking in their boots!

Join us and explore what all this excitement is about and trust us, you’ll float too...

Why is IT terryfing?

The atmosphere

Derry isn’t like other towns. There’s a 7pm curfew, and people die or disappear six times more often than average. And everything seems connected by the sewers...

Lovely, right? That’s why news of IT’s 15 rating seems to have been well-received, by both fans of horrors and King’s source material. This is based on the idea that the rating allows the film to fully explore the adult themes of King’s book and do justice to a genre which doesn’t want any limititation on its ability to make your hair turns white.

The clown 

2017’s Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgard) looks different to the iconic 1990’s Tim Curry version.  If the first IT had a look of a friendly clown who turns terrifying, the new Pennywise is essentially more disturbing.  His style has something a little more devilish and the fact that he looks and feels closer in age to the kids is a prospect that feels more terrifying than an older man creeping around in a clown costume. 

Bill Skarsgard put his own deepest fears in the role, trying to be the character he plays (he didn’t even meet the kids before the shooting of his scenes in order to get a real scared reaction from the cast),  taking the performance to the next level  in terms of believability.

Most viewed online trailer! Everyone's mad about IT!

With 197 million views globally within 24 hours of its release, IT has instantly managed to acquire manic hype as the internet lost its collective mind.  This is the trailer that toppled Star Wars: The Force Awakens (112 million) and previous record holder Fast and Furious 8 (139 million). Currently, IT is the 5th most viewed trailer within 24 hours of all time!

You must take a look to get the thrill....

Losers Club – Before and After

Because every 27 years evil revisits the town of Derry, Maine, 'IT CHAPTER TWO' brings the characters - who've long since gone their separate ways - back together as adults, nearly three decades after the events of the first film. We reacquaint ourselves with the younger characters from Chapter I and meet their grown-up counterparts who lead the fight against Pennywise in Chapter II.


Played by: Jaeden Martell (THEN)

After Pennywise kidnaps and kills his brother, Georgie, Bill mobilises the Losers Club into action to defeat the evil for good. When they rescue Beverly from the sewer, he kind of gets the girl, but the trauma of the battle sends them their separate ways.

Played by James McAvoy (NOW)

Bill has become a successful mystery novelist and married a film star, Audra (Jess Weixler), but the actor has said his character is dealing with “survivor’s trauma”.


Played by: Sophia Lillis (THEN)

Abused by her father at home, and bullied at school, Beverly finds love and respect in the Losers Club – particularly from Bill. But her newfound sense of belonging proves short-lived when she is kidnapped by ‘It’ to lure the other Losers to his underground lair.  

Played by: Jessica Chastain (NOW)

A successful fashion designer, Beverly’s childhood lives on in her abusive relationship with husband, Tom (Will Beinbrink). Her traumatic return to Derry involves what Chastain has called “the most blood in movie history”


Played by: Finn Wolfhard (THEN)

Nicknamed ”Trashmouth”, and always in trouble for his bad language, Richie is the loveable bad boy of the gang. Casting Stranger Things’ Wolfhard cemented the 1980s setting of the remake (in the Stephen King book, this part was actually set in the 1950s).

Played by: Bill Hader (NOW)

Played by Saturday Night Live alumnus Bill Hader, the once goofy Richie is now a DJ in Los Angeles, where we imagine he can swear all he likes…


Played by: Jeremy Ray Taylor (THEN)

Bullied at school for his weight, Ben is smart and sensitive, but doesn’t always get credit for his intelligence. He has a huge crush on Beverly, but can’t turn her head from Bill.

Played by: Jay Ryan (NOW)

In Taylor’s words, Ben gets “all fit and stuff” and emerges in the form of Neighbours heartthrob Ryan. He is now a successful architect with a glamorous life in Nebraska. 


Played by: Jack Dylan Grazer (THEN)

The sickly, hypochondriac kid, Grazer’s nervous Eddie is the opposite of his character in superhero comedy Shazam!. That is, until he finally stands up to his overprotective mother and heads off with his buddies to save the day.

Played by: James Ransone (NOW)

The Wire’s Chester “Ziggy” Sobotka paints a braver picture of Eddie as an adult, with his own successful limousine business. Yet his wife, Myra, is uncomfortably reminiscent of his overbearing mother…  


Played by: Chosen Jacobs (THEN)

After the Losers Club believe they’ve finally defeated Pennywise in the sewers, Mike is determined to stay and safeguard the town of Derry, just in case the evil ever re-emerges…

Played by: Isaiah Mustafa (NOW)

The only adult to fully remember the events of that summer, Mike is a “librarian junkie”, according to director Andy Muschietti. Staying in Derry has taken its toll, but it’s he who reunites the club when he senses Pennywise’s return. 


Played by: Wyatt Oleff (THEN)

At first, Stan doesn’t believe the evil is real, but plays a major part in rescuing Beverly from Pennywise in the sewers when he bravely faces up to his ultimate fear. 

Played by: Andy Bean (NOW)

Stan’s gone full middle America – a partner in an accounting firm in Atlanta, and married to a teacher, Patty. On paper, he seems like the best-adjusted adult of the lot. But is he?

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