Eight Fun Facts About Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway!

With Peter Rabbit having made peace with Mr McGregor and Bea it looked like the mischievous bunny and his mates would live happily ever after.

However, when Peter finds it impossible to shake his reputation as a troublemaker he runs away to have new adventures.

As Peter Rabbit 2 bounds into cinemas, find out more about this hoppy-go-lucky, feel-good, live-action/CGI sequel.

Here's eight fun facts about our favourite rebel rabbit's latest adventure!

1: James Corden returns as Peter Rabbit

Two years after Peter Rabbit, James Corden returns as Beatrix Potter’s most famous creation. The blue-jacketed, radish-loving Peter.

Not familiar with Corden?

Then we can only assume you’ve been living in the wild yourself these past 13 years.

Corden shot to fame in 2007 playing Smithy in Gavin & Stacey, and has since conquered America. He's the current host of popular US talk show The Late Late Show.

2. ...and he’s brought his gang of adorable Beatrix Potter characters!

Peter Rabbit featured a host of beloved Beatrix Potter characters. From rabbits, Flopsy (Margot Robbie) and Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki), to badger, Tommy Brock (Sam Neill) and Jemima Puddle-Duck (Rose Byrne).

Not only are all these furry and feathered characters back in Peter Rabbit 2, most of the original voice cast are too. There’s also a new character, a rabbit named Barnabas, who was created especially for the film. He’s played by Line Of Duty’s Lennie James.

3. More live-action and top-notch CGI

Peter Rabbit combined live action and CGI to incredible effect – and Peter Rabbit 2 does too!

You’ll believe a rabbit can talk. And a kitten and a puddle-duck for that matter. You’ll also fall in love again with live-action actors Rose Byrne (Bea) and Domhnall Gleeson (Thomas).

Thomas still has his issues with the behaviours of the rabbits but he’s coming to accept them,” says Gleeson.

There are also some live-action animals this time (i.e. real ones). Everything with fur or a snout in the first film was CGI.

Can you spot them?

4. ...but a brand-new villain!

With Peter Rabbit and Thomas McGregor now pals (well, kind of), there's a new villain in town.

And in this sequel, that villain is Nigel Basil Jones, played to debonair and dastardly perfection, by David Oyelowo.

Nigel is a publisher who loves Bea's stories, but hates their subject matter: rabbits.

Boo hiss!

5. The action is going up several notches...

The first film had plenty of hare-raising moments, but Peter Rabbit 2 is turning the action dial up to 11.

In an interview with Newsround, visual effects supervisor Will Reichelt revealed: “It's a much bigger film. It's bigger in scope, there's more action and there are more stunt set-pieces.

Expect fisticuffs, a Zootopia homage and a heist in a farmer's market to rival anything you've seen in the Ocean's 11 films.

6. We’re also getting out of the garden!

The Peter Rabbit 2 plot sees Peter leaving Thomas McGregor’s garden for the big wide world.

Why? Because he's fed up of his label as "the naughty one"! During his travels, he meets a friend of his late father, who helps him adjust to life outside the veggie patch.

Of course, his old pals miss him and want him back – yes, even Thomas. Cue a brand-new adventure that's anything but small potatoes.

7. An English setting, but shot in Australia...

The story may be set in England’s green and pleasant lands but much of Peter Rabbit 2 was filmed in Australia.

Centennial Park in Sydney to be exact. Richmond in London and Gloucester (you can see the city’s famous docks in the trailer) were also used. Speaking of the latter, rumour has it that we'll be seeing several new Potter characters.

The famous Tailor Of Gloucester (Beatrix Potter’s personal favourite of her stories), perhaps?

9. A hoppy ever after is (almost) guaranteed!

In the first film, Peter's motto in life might well have been 'don't worry be hoppy'.

He's got a few more worries in Peter Rabbit 2 but you can still expect to leave ODEON grinning from ear to ear.

The perfect family film, it's got action, adventure and a wholesome, heartwarming message to boot.

As executive producer Jodi Hildebrand says:

“Families can come in all shapes and sizes.”


Peter Rabbit 2 coming soon to ODEON

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