Which Avengers characters would you assemble for your team?

We’ve assembled the 12 best Avengers from the MCU and we want you to choose the trio you’d enlist to fight alongside you in your very own superhero squad.

Consider their strengths and weaknesses; how they’d gel together; or pick your MVPs based on how much you like their costumes. It’s your show.

Assemble your team and let us know who’s got your back.

Iron Man

Self-styled genius, billionaire playboy and philanthropist, Tony Stark took a near-fatal heart injury (and an involuntary holiday to an Afghan cave fortress) and turned it into an opportunity to invent the first of what is now a legendary range of state-of-the-art, eye-wateringly weaponised armoured suits.

He is Iron Man and he’s cocky as heck.

Iron Man’s strengths

Essentially a flying, red and gold weapons platform, Iron Man is the resourceful, adaptable and eternally upgradeable Swiss Army Knife of supes.

He’s always got one more surprise up his shiny sleeve (sometimes literally) and he never, ever gives up.

Iron Man’s weakness

At the end of the day, even an armoured suit is just a suit.

Mess with the tech enough and the only offensive weapon Stark has left is sarcasm.

Captain America

Before being injected with Super Soldier Serum and bombarded with Vita Rays, Steve Rogers was just a puny, pipsqueak, wannabe GI.

After his transformative brush with SCIENCE he became the idealistic one-person army we know and love, dedicated to protecting humanity from earth-based baddies and intergalactic villains. And, all while trying to keep his fellow Avengers’ swearing down to a minimum.

Captain America’s strengths

Cap has incredible strength, speed, agility and reflexes, plus the purest of hearts. He is the Avengers’ better angel, which winds Tony Stark up no end, but might keep you from veering off into supervillain territory.

Steve’s also got a virtually indestructible vibranium shield and, according to Ant-Man, is the proud owner of ‘America’s ass’.

Captain America’s weakness

Cap’s boy-scout idealism and goody-two-shoes demeanour can be a pain in the butt. It also leaves him vulnerable to supervillains who live to play dirty.


Exposure to more than your recommended daily allowance of gamma radiation is usually a great way to get dead. But, for mild-mannered Dr Bruce Banner, the equation goes something like this: Man + Super Soldier Serum + Gamma Radiation = Green-skinned rage beast.

Hulk green. Hulk smash. Enough said.

Hulk’s strengths

The jury’s out on what’s stronger – Hulk or the fabric in Hulk’s trousers (which stretches a lot but never seems to shred completely) – but regardless, if you want brute strength, Banner’s jade alter ego is the Avenger for you.

Interestingly, as Banner has grown used to becoming Hulk, he’s been able to retain his calm, academic personality even after transformation.

Hulk’s weakness

Weakness isn’t the first word that springs to mind when you think of the Hulk, but Banner’s occasional inability to transform into Big Green could be if your team is backed into a corner and Bruce gets performance anxiety the way he did in Avengers: Infinity War.


Asgardian God of Thunder Thor Odinson isn’t the smartest of the Avengers, but he is awesomely powerful, very loyal, supremely confident, and funnier than most deities we can think of.

He doesn’t always get how Earth stuff works, but nevertheless, he’s a great ally to have in a tight corner.

Thor’s strengths

Did we mention Thor’s a god?

Being able to fly and summon lightning while being all but invincible comes with the territory. He’s also got a choice of weapons – his classic go-to, Mjolnir the magic hammer, or Stormbreaker, the enchanted axe.

Thor’s weakness

None. Okay, well maybe his god-sized ego can be a liability sometimes but as long as you let Point Break feel important, you’re golden.

Black Widow

It takes an extraordinary human to go toe-to-toe with supervillains and not be intimidated in the slightest.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow is S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most deadly assassin – a former Russian agent excelling in armed and unarmed combat, interrogation techniques and a whole lot more.

Black Widow’s strengths

Agile, strong, relentless and kitted out with the most advanced weaponry and equipment S.H.I.E.L.D. has to offer, having Black Widow on your team is a major advantage.

She’s confident and crazy capable and, mercifully, without the superpowered ego afflicting some of her colleagues.

Black Widow’s weakness

Black Widow doesn’t have any superpowers so, technically, she’s more vulnerable than some of her mates.

That being said, we wouldn’t bet against her in a fight.


Master archer/sniper Hawkeye isn’t the flashiest of the Avengers but don’t underestimate his abilities.

Like his close friend and pre-Avengers colleague Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton is an extraordinary human with an impressive skill set rather than a magical or mutated superhero. Tough, highly skilled and focused, he’ll have your back when you need it most, no questions asked.

Hawkeye’s strengths

His jaw-dropping accuracy with a compound bow is Hawkeye’s obvious strength, but don’t overlook his calming influence on those around him.

When tensions are running high, his clear-headed approach could make the difference between victory and defeat.

Hawkeye’s weakness

Impressively skilled as he is, Hawkeye is mortal. Also, he’s a family man – a fact that potentially gives villains leverage over him. Gulp.


Half-human, half-alien, Peter Quill is an irrepressible force of nature – a born joker who wears his remarkable combat skills so lightly that it’s easy to overlook what an asset he can be in a fight.

He’s brave, dogged, and incredibly loyal to his friends (even if they do make fun of him, like a lot).

Star-Lord’s strengths

Is unwarranted fearlessness in the face of impossible danger a superpower?

In Star-Lord’s hands, it certainly seems to be. Add his undentable confidence to an impressive proficiency with jet boots and a laser blaster, and you’ve got some world-class backup.

Star-Lord’s weakness

Star-Lord’s strength – his gargantuan ego – is also his biggest liability. He can be incredibly thin-skinned so factor some ego-boosting into your battle plans.

Better still, let him do the planning and hold on tight for a wild ride.

Doctor Strange

Former arrogant neurosurgeon turned arrogant Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange can draw power from alternate dimensions in the multiverse to alter reality itself.

To put it another way, he can twirl his hands and make the world go all Inception bendy. He can also create portals to travel vast distances. He is very powerful.

Doctor Strange’s strengths

How does a supervillain defeat you when you can literally origami their surroundings in on themselves like a sheet of paper, stretch them out to infinity, or make the walls the floor with a flick of your wrist?

Doctor Strange’s weakness

Perhaps he’s just too used to people not understanding how the Mystic Arts work, but whatever the reason, Doctor Strange has a frustrating habit of making gigantic decisions without explaining them to his allies.

Is that the kind of energy you want in your team?


We understand why it hasn’t happened but, really, Ant-Man should be called something like Small-As-An-Ant-Or-Big-As-A-Building-Man™.

Capable of both miniaturising and biggifying his body (with a huge increase in strength in either state), Scott Lang/Ant-Man is a brilliant secret weapon to have on your team.

Ant-Man’s strengths

Having a teammate who’s able to sit on a villain’s nose and then punch them with the force of a freight train is a definite plus, as is their being able to instantly grow to the size of an office block and scoop you away from danger.

Being able to command ants to do your bidding has its uses, too, particularly if you’re up against Picnic-Man.

Ant-Man’s weakness

Former petty criminal Scott Lang is still getting used to being a superhero, so his saving-the-day style is still fairly… slapdash.


As a high-school student, Peter Parker was an awkward but good-hearted kid.

But, after a bite from a radioactive arachnid gave him incredible powers, he was transformed into Spider-Man, an awkward but good-hearted teenage superhero.

With a quick wit to match his breathtaking agility, he’s eager to prove himself as an Avenger.

Spider-Man’s strengths

Spider-Man comes to the fight with super-strength, super-agility, heightened senses and, thanks to Stark Technologies, a state-of-the-art Spidey suit featuring (among other refinements) web-shooters that let him disable baddies and swing from building to building.

Spider-Man’s weakness

While everyone’s favourite web-slinger has superpowers, he isn’t as resistant to a sustained pasting as, say, Thor or Captain Marvel.

Black Panther

T’Challa, King of Wakanda is Black Panther – a fearsome warrior and leader clad in a virtually indestructible vibranium suit and endowed with super-strength, endurance and agility by the vibranium-enriched Heart-Shaped Herb.

He’s also super-smart, although his genius sister, Shuri would probably disagree.

Black Panther’s strengths

Add Black Panther’s vibranium-enhanced physical abilities and intelligence to the very best of Wakandan technology woven into his suit and you have an imposing ally.

T’Challa’s also an inspiring leader with a fully functioning moral compass, so you may want to delegate pre-battle pep talks to him, too.

Black Panther’s weakness

Wonder-metal vibranium has a lot of amazing properties that help Black Panther (and a number of other Avengers) stay on top.

However, vibranium also conducts electricity very well, meaning that it’s possible to temporarily short-out Black Panther’s suit.

Captain Marvel

Exposure to an undiluted blast of Tesseract energy imbued USAF fighter pilot Carol Danvers with phenomenal superpowers that were partially suppressed and harnessed by an alien civilisation, the Kree.

With those artificial limiters now removed, Captain Marvel (as the Avengers know her) is next-level powerful, even by their standards.

Captain Marvel’s strengths

All of them. No, seriously. Captain Marvel has enhanced stamina, strength, agility, and durability. She can fly, is invulnerable to nearly all toxins and poisons, can hang out in space without ill effects, and can absorb energy and blast it out of her hands.

TBH, having Captain Marvel in your team might actually be classed as cheating. She’s that powerful.

Captain Marvel’s weakness

Captain Marvel doesn’t have any physical weaknesses but, as a human who has been bombarded with Tesseract energy and had her human DNA spliced with Kree DNA, she does occasionally struggle with questions about her true identity.

Who would you assemble in your trio of Avengers?

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