Get Ready To Ragna-Rok And Roll With Thor!

It’s official, 'Thor: Ragnarok' is autumn’s most anticipated movie.

You only have to watch the film’s latest trailer to see why. It’s quippy, it’s trippy – and Thor got a haircut. What more could you ask for?

What we know so far....

Did you watch it? Awesome, right? Now you're ready for the trailer breakdown and discover with us what might be happening in 'Thor: Ragnarok'!

Following a cool establishing shot of the Grandmaster’s homeworld (more on this later),   we’re reintroduced to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, the God of Thunder (we’ve met Thor previously in countless Marvel movies,  you remember him, don't you?).

Anyway, Thor is recounting exactly why he’s standing in a combat arena, dressed in gladiator gear.

“So much has happened since I last saw you…”

It transpires that someone broke his beloved hammer Mjolnir (clue: she has horns) and then banished him to a faraway planet. The meanie!

This faraway planet turns out to be Sakaar (aka Planet Hulk from the comics – at least all signs point in that direction), which is overseen by the aforementioned Grandmaster

Played – rather wonderfully – by Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park, The Fly), this oddly-dressed dude is basically a big-time cosmic being who runs gladiatorial games for kicks. Which is how the captured Thor ends up fighting…Hulk!

Who wins? That would be telling (although Thor reckons it’s him). But it’s all by-the-by anyway because there are bigger fish to fry....

Hela, the Goddess of Death, has invaded Asgard and is threatening to bring about Ragnarok – an apocalyptic battle in which many of the Norse gods lose their lives. (Hela, incidentally, is played by two-time Oscar winner Cate Blanchett, in what has to be one of the greatest casting coups of all time!)

Anyway, Thor puts together a team to fight Hela, which consists of himself, Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie and – surprise, surprise – Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor’s mischievous half brother.

From there, epic stuff ensues, including Hulk facing off against a massive wolf. This, we’re gonna assume, is Fenris, an Asgardian creature from the Marvel comics who’s 15 foot tall and has human levels of intelligence. (He’s also rumoured to be Loki’s offspring – which is just, well, weird, so we’ll leave that there…)

Next up is a cool montage which has basically everything: big guns, space ships galore, Chris with his shirt off… again…

Finally – and you do have to feel sorry for the chap – we see Hulk involved in another skirmish.

Now, based on our advanced knowledge of Norse mythology we believe this is Surtur (or Surtr) – a fire demon from the planet Muspelheim. Either way, he looks pretty cross!

So, are you ready to Ragnarok and roll? We know we are!

Meet the characters

THOR - Chris Hemsworth

When an ancient evil, lurking for eons, is released from  its shackles,  Thor finds himself in a serious situation.

The Asgardian prince is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer just as Asgard needs him now more than ever. With his kingdom shattered, Thor’s only hope is to summon the warrior within, and fight his way back against impossible odds to save his people from Ragnarok.

Chris Hemsworth explained why things get more exciting in 'Thor: Ragnarok' :

"A lot of Thor’s story — in the first film, [it’s] earning the right to [become king] and take on that responsibility.  In the second film, he pulls away from it. Then we ended The Avengers with him saying there’s something going on out there.  There are some bigger questions I need answered [...] This is where the whole film shifts and we’re on different worlds that we haven’t seen before, there are different looks to all the characters and there’s different dynamics."

HELA - Cate Blanchett

A creature from a sinister and long-forgotten era of the universe, Hela’s power is unlike anything else in the Nine Realms. 

Armed with the ability to unleash unlimited weapons in astounding and deadly ways, Hela is now back to seek vengeance on those who cast her out. With a mysterious and savage army at her side, Hela intends to usher in a new era of cold brutality for Asgard and the universe at large.

Two times Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett plays one of Thor’s most formidable enemies from the comics, and is the first leading female villain in any of the Marvel Studios’ feature films to date.

"There’s so much untapped potential villainy in women." said Blanchette to Enterainment Weekly " It’s really exciting. I think finally it’s beginning to be acknowledged that women and men want to see a diverse array of characters, and that’s race, gender across the sexual spectrum."

LOKI - Tom Hiddleston

Disguised as his father Odin, Loki has taken over Asgard as its king. However, when Hela makes her terrifying grand entrance, Loki must use his silver tongue and skill with a blade to battle for his own survival.

Returning for the fourth time as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's been three years since Hiddleston has donned the green leather, and fans are excited to see what the God of Mischief has been up to after assuming the throne of Asgar. 

As we got used to know, nothing is off limits for him, not even manipulating his own family members. Yet, it feels like there’s something about the character’s psyche that we have yet to explore. Hiddleston feels the same way, too, going on to say he’s never quite got a full lock on the character.

“I’ve spent six or seven years of my life trying to get to the bottom of what exactly it is that he wants"  he said to Times of India "When he seems to get close to what he wants - power, acceptance, and belonging - he changes direction. I think that is the thing that keeps him interesting in a way".

HULK - Mark Ruffalo

Last seen rocketing into outer space aboard the auto-piloted Quinjet after the Battle of Sokovia, the Incredible Hulk has been missing without a trace. His whereabouts are finally uncovered when Thor stumbles upon his powerful ally in the unlikeliest of locales—a cosmic gladiatorial arena on the other side of the galaxy.

Reveling in the people of Sakaar accepting him as their champion of the arena, Hulk is reluctant to relinquish control to Bruce Banner who will undoubtedly return him to his former existence on Earth. With a cosmic threat looming, the Incredible Hulk and Bruce Banner will clash over who is needed most in the fight for the fate of the universe.

Speaking with Empire, Ruffalo revealed:

“When we find him, he’s been Hulk for two years, and now he’s the gladiator champion of Sakaar, so he’s enjoying quite a bit of fame and adulation.  Also, he speaks now. Even though it’s somewhat rudimentary. And he can also exist without always being angry. He’s reborn."

VALKYRIE - Tessa Thompson

Valkyrie is a tough-as-nails galactic scavenger with a mysterious past.

After a tragedy left her life in tatters, Valkyrie disappeared to a corner of the universe where she could forget her past. Now with the universe in peril, she must put her history behind her and join forces with Thor and Hulk to save Asgard in its darkest hour.

The character is played by Creed star Tessa Thompson (she's also in HBO's Westworld) , who's breaking the cloche of the "unconsciously sexy badass".

"We wanted to create a character that occupied her own iconography" said Thompson to LA Time "If we were also dedicated to the source material, Valkyrie would potentially be a female Thor but she’s fighting in basically a bathing suit, which is also absurd. So we had a conversation of, what is a strong look? That's why we came out with a new idea of Valkyrie, not only giving her a new look but also a strong personality who made her a great warrior".

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