ODEON Newbies

See baby-friendly screenings of the best films

Enjoy our special screenings for mums, dads, guardians and their children under 2. Everyone in the cinema is a parent or carer, so there’s no need to worry about disturbing others if your baby cries.

With the softer volume and ever-so-slightly brighter lights, ODEON Newbies is a peaceful setting where you can look after your little one while also enjoying the on-screen action.


Your chance to relax

We know that looking after kids keeps you on your toes. So, when you’re with us, you’re our guest and we’ll do everything we can to make you and your baby feel welcome.

If you need help with anything, just ask a member of the ODEON team.

Loud babies allowed

This is your chance to enjoy popular films in a baby-friendly atmosphere. Hopefully, your baby will fall asleep so you can relax. But if you’re not so lucky and your little one’s making a noise, no one else is going to mind.


See the latest family films

Join us at ODEON Newbies to watch the latest family-friendly films that everyone’s talking about. Whether it’s an animated adventure or a live-action blockbuster, you’ll have the chance to lose yourself in the action on the screen. 


Baby-friendly cinema

Softer volume. Ever-so-slightly brighter lights. Our special in-screen conditions are a lullaby to your baby. This is a peaceful setting, where hopefully you can gently rock your little one away to the land of nod.


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