Screen Unseen's terrifying little sister...

ODEON Scream Unseen offers an exclusive screening with a twist!  Just like Screen Unseen, you book in advance not knowing what you’re watching until it starts – but this time, not only will you be the first cinema audience to see it, we aim to scare your socks off! 

Looking for something to quench your horror thirst? The exclusive ODEON screenings are just €5!

Make sure you keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for clues and hints on the spine-chilling, pre-release film we will be showcasing.

Things to know

  • Scream Unseen is for over 16’s only.
  • Tickets are just €5!
  • We won't tell you the run time, but you can expect it to last between 90 and 120 minutes.
  • There will be a short pre feature reel lasting around 5 minutes, so please be in your seats at the advertised time so you don't miss the start of the film.
  • Clues will be released over our Facebook and Twitter pages leading up to the screening. 

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Previous ODEON Scream Unseen Titles

The Ritual

‘The Ritual’ follows the reunion of a group of college friends, which takes a turn for the terrifying as they try to navigate a creepy, foreboding forest.

It was supposed to be a relatively easy hike through the country that would let them reconnect, but they soon realise that something’s not right in these woods. There’s something out there, stalking them – and it’s not going to let them leave.

Based on the terrifying, award-winning novel by Adam Nevill, ‘The Ritual’ is a chilling horror story that reminds us it’s never safe to go into the woods.


1. Snake-like skipper

 2. Modulated magpie mockery

3. Same recent guise as the Freedom Fellow

4. Oversaw all of Jagger's favourite things


Kevin suffers from a ‘Split’ personality. He has 23, in fact, ranging from a nine-year-old child to a prim and proper English woman. And now he’s kidnapped three girls.

He’s keeping them all locked up in a basement, and they have no idea why. All they know is that Kevin’s 24th and final personality is beginning to emerge. And the others have named it ‘The Beast’.

James McAvoy stars as Kevin – and all his other personalities – in ‘Split’, a thrilling psychological horror from M. Night Shyamalan.


1. A career forged from small beginnings

2. Almost the other half of the Christian visionary

3. It’s after Sundown…

4. Fore’s also this fella

Blair Witch

It’s been 20 years since James’ sister disappeared into the Black Hills Forest. When James discovers a recording of her experience online, he sets out after the ‘Blair Witch’ himself.

Bringing his friends Peter, Ashley and Lisa, he unwisely ventures up to the same cursed woods to try and solve the mystery. They’ve brought a camera with them, and when strange, terrible things start happening at their camp, they try to document them just as James’ sister did before.

The surprise sequel to one of the most influential horror films in recent memory, ‘Blair Witch’ takes us back to the woods for another trail of terror. 


1. American Pekin Ducks should be afraid of this pair

2. If you mumble, he's a fan

3. This town was occupied by Colonel Thomas Munford during the Captain America's battle

4. The loveliness of a past fright meter award winner

Green Room

When punk band The Ain’t Rights agree to a gig in the backwoods of Oregon, they soon find themselves trapped backstage in the ‘Green Room’, fighting for their lives. 

The bar’s patrons are a white supremacist gang. When bassist Pat sees that the neo-Nazis have murdered someone, his band barricades themselves backstage. Now, armed with box cutters, broken fluorescent lights and anything else they can get their hands on, they need to fight their way back out. 

Patrick Stewart plays dramatically against type as the supremacists’ leader in ‘Green Room,’ a hyper-violent rollercoaster ride from the director of ‘Blue Ruin’. 


1: A dancing devil gives our cuddly friend guidance

2: The Spotlight is on the modified modulations

3: A different hue from Bombay Sapphire

4: Generations collide closer to home

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Want To Try Something Different?

What's ODEON Screen Unseen?


Not a horror fan or want to try something different? ODEON Screen Unseen has the same premise as its scary counterpart - you book in advance but you don't know what film you're about to see until the curtains go up.


ODEON Screen Unseen could be anything! But:

They're all guaranteed to be advance previews - so you'll be one of the very first to see the releases.

They're all guaranteed to be films we believe are 5 Star future classics.

And they're all guaranteed to inspire conversation.


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